Peridot - STONE OF AUGUST- symbol of tolerance Merciful

Wear cool blue , yellow sweet blend of autumn air , Peridot gemstones are classified as old in August - symbolizes gentleness and beauty , expressing the gentle romance of carrying it .

Peridot Gemstone - Symbol of tolerance, kindness born from volcanoes . It also symbolizes strength , viability and celebrate tolerance , human kindness .

Peridot also known as olivine , was discovered around 1500 BC , mainly on some island in the Red Sea - Middle East region . It has very beautiful colors like yellow green , tropical green micro yellow , green ... In that bright green is the most precious .

Peridot is referred to as the " evening emerald " . Symbolize eloquence , persuasion , it is also considered a talisman and miracle cure sinusitis . To get good sleep , help you balance the emotions, relieve headaches discomfort , the ancients usually recommended for select bearing Peridot stones turn slightly green to yellow to bring people comfortable feeling .

If your gift is dedicated ones , meaning you have to give a loved both soothing sky receiver , so in addition to meaningful anniversary gift Peridot is also noted meaning of time . Especially for those born in August , there is the Peridot gemstone jewelry is going to be luck , it will bring you happiness , contentment in life .

With the beauty and meaning of Peridot , is why Mochinia have chosen to add many unique products in its collection .

Pendants P00945 :
14k Gold , Peridot ; Diamonds .